Jorge Luis García, PhD

Nonresident Fellow, USC Schaeffer Center
Assistant Professor, John E. Walker Department of Economics, Clemson University

Jorge Luis García, PhD's Bio

Jorge Luis García is an applied microeconomist at the John E. Walker Department of Economics at Clemson University. His research focuses on the intersection of labor and development economics. He uses reduced-form and structural methods traditionally associated with labor economics to try to understand, design, and evaluate social policies that contribute to developing the economic conditions of countries and the well-being of their individuals. The themes of his recent projects are education, fertility, female labor supply, and religion. Jorge teaches economics of education at the undergraduate level and advanced applied econometrics for PhD students.

Jorge’s other affiliations include: visiting research fellow at Duke University’s Social Science Research Institute, fellow at the Hayek Center for the Business of Prosperity of Clemson University, and member of the Early Childhood Interventions Network of the Human Capital and Economic Opportunity (HCEO) working group.

Recent Work