Addressing Challenges to Alternative Payment Models for New Alzheimer’s Disease Therapies for US Commercial Payers


Commercial payers that ultimately decide to cover aducanumab or other Alzheimer’s disease therapies may require innovative payment tools to minimize their financial risk given the uncertain benefits and high cost of such treatments. Drawing on the published evidence, we propose two different types of payment models applicable to disease-modifying therapies in Alzheimer’s disease, and suggest four strategies to overcome challenges in their implementation. Such strategies range from developing best practices for outcome measurement in Alzheimer’s disease, investing in infrastructure to collect real-world data, increasing representativeness of registry data in Alzheimer’s disease, and integrating the diagnostic, treatment, and payment landscape. These important steps could make access to emerging therapies in Alzheimer’s disease more sustainable in the long term, and could serve as a blueprint for better access to novel therapies in other indications in the future.

The full study is available in PharmacoEconomics.